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Stumbling in the dark?

With the typical American lifestyle, many people do not get home until 6 or 7 in the evening.  For a few months of the year, it is already dark.  One thing we like to do is to install low-voltage lighting in our gardens.  This extends the enjoyment of the garden.  As you pass a window while inside your house, you can catch glimpses of your garden.  This is expected during daylight hours but to see your garden subtly lit up after dark is a real treat.  After the stresses of modern living, it can do your heart good to see beauty even if it is just in passing.

One of my customer’s family room has a large picture window.  The view outside is a stone patio with a pond and waterfall.  It is absolutely breath-taking to enter the room and have this view great you.  It looks great during the day but it is a different look after dark, lit up.  I doubt they ever close their curtains there.

Even if it is raining, you can enjoy the view at night.  Or too cold to be outside.  Night lighting extends your enjoyment of your garden.  It also extends the time you spend outside during warm weather.  Adults can sit out on the patio while the children are running through the yard catching lightning bugs or playing.

Pathlights can be used to light up walkways for safe travel.  A home is more inviting if guests can make it to the front door comfortably.  Uplights on trees diffuse light through the leaves and create a background for the view.  Spotlights can be used to light up particularly sculptural trees or actual sculptures.  Other lights can be used to wash over walls also creating a background for the view.  There are fixtures for just about any purpose.

If you are worried about power usage, low-voltage lights use a lot less power than standard household current.  LED lights aare also on the market.  Most systems also are set up on timers.  These can be set to turn on at a set time and off after you go to bed if you don’t want them on all night.  Photo cells can be also used for dusk to dawn operation.

Low-voltage lighting can make a beautiful garden even more enchanting at night.